What it means to be Lynx Enhanced

Lynx is a full-featured, character-based browser for the World Wide Web. In most implementations, Lynx provides its users text-based access to the Web when they work from terminals with limited internet connectivity.

Some of us believe in the power of the textual medium when combined with the ability to link. We think the browser Lynx is the most fully evolved tool available to experience this medium. Quite frankly, it cuts through the hype and gets at the core of what is essential. Coupled with this is the fact that the authors of Lynx have demonstrated formidable ingenuity in creating a browser that can be ported to a number of platforms while mixing functionality with form and overcoming the "handicap" of a text-only interface with joyous confidence. As someone said "what else are people working on VT100 terminals in the Third World going to use?".

Unlike certain other browsers, the Lynx philosophy is non-exclusionary. As a result, Lynx is portable and Lynx Enhanced pages look presentable on all browsers. This feat is accomplished with content-based mark-up, by using the appropriate medium for each type of information and by renouncing KOOL. Lynx enhanced pages tend to have a lot of textual information and much content. A Lynx Enhanced image is often included.

Web pages written with Lynx in mind tend to be testaments to individuality and respect for the reader. Lynx Enhanced pages will not attempt to control the manner in which a page is rendered. On the contrary, they permit the user to choose the manner in which meta-textual markup is rendered, thus facilitating the use of visual cues that fit the reader's own preferences and transcending those of the original author. These authors have no reason to fear that their pages are uninteresting to readers working with different hardware/software. Lynx Enhanced Pages are what English professors are talking about when they speak of "a text that has surpassed its author."

Lynx Enhanced Pages are resource rich and tend to contain valuable information. People who maintain Lynx Enhanced Pages are slowly making the dream of a global library come true. Lynx enhanced pages are accessible to those using enabling devices. Similarly, it is possible for robots and index or abstract generation tools to digest information contained within Lynx optimized pages based on contextually marked-up content.

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